Thursday, February 23, 2012

23 February 2012 After the small storm.

          About 2130 we had rain, wind, and distant lightning.  The skies and radar maps cleared.  Off we went to bed.  Foolish boomers!
          At some point in time prior to 0530 but well past 0 dark-30 we were treated to a pop-up thunderstorm that barely showed up on loop recall.  However,, it was big enough to provide us with lightning and thunder, hail, and heavy rains. 
          Today has  been far too warm, high in the 70’s and the Pathfinder’s AC suddenly refuses to cool.  More winter would be helpful. 
          Got the passport photos, had lunch at Babylon, and shopped for comestibles.  Other than being tired, a good day!

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