Sunday, February 5, 2012

5 February 2012 Turn up the band turn down the background

            (04-Feb-12)  The road into Jonesborough was wet, narrow, and full of traffic as we drove in tonight.  There was enough fog to make the reflected light unpleasant to deal with.  There seems to be a lack of understanding among local drivers about how to drive in fog and when one should dim one’s headlights.  The preferred options seem to be,
  1. In fog, switch on fog lamps and high beam headlights so as to blind the driver and oncoming drivers, while increasing one’s speed.
  2. Headlights are never to be dimmed for oncoming traffic.
  3. Have the vehicle altered in such a fashion that the headlight lamps are suitable to use as aircraft landing lights, and that those lights are aimed directly into the eyes of oncoming drivers
  4. Extra points will be awarded to those drivers who can manage to control the aim point of their headlamps from inside their own vehicle.
The bane of my existence at the dance gate may well be the little girls from the local colleges who arrive in groups of 5-6.  They will either hand me a $20.00 bill or they will stop the line while they unroll a folded mass of currency and peel off 5 sticky $1.00 bills.  Tonight the line reached 10 who wanted to pay separately with $20.00s.  I had little but singles in the cash box when they all descended upon us.  I’d love to have a sign requesting exact change but that would never go over with the organization.  One of the local young ladies just emptied out her wallet in order to pay with pennies.  Rather than count pennies repeatedly I let her in and told her to keep her pennies. 
            There is such a difference in how college students are treated locally now compared to how I recall things being when I entered college.  Students were often barely tolerated by the town’s folk.  They were used for cheap labor by the schools and by local businesses.  Student housing was horrid in nature, one step above being torn down.  I recall one house actually owned by the university that was jacked up above its foundations.  Despite the unsafe nature it was rented to students.  6-9 people lived in it while I was in school there.  One lived in the unheated attic, one in the basement, and one in the coal bin. After an ice storm hit the area the tenants filled two rooms with broken branches and strung Christmas lights.  The university finally evicted everyone but never saw its own culpability.
(05-Feb-2012)  Continuation… is making me weight!
Now for something completely different. 
            This is a very good example of realism in tying flies to be used for fishing. 
The fly is tied by Bob Mead; the photo is by Peter Frailey.  For more information about realistic flies, fly tying, fly fishing and some excellent photography, visit Peter Frailty’s excellent blog:

For more information about what it takes to construct one of these flies, visit:

Two, perhaps three of these flies will sit on the face of a dime without crowding each other.

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