Friday, February 10, 2012

10 February 2012   “ But their religion wants world conquest!”
Cassi Creek:
          For today’s message, brothers and sisters, we find our inspiration in the eloquent work of the cartoonists, Luckovich and Telnais.  Please open your Washington Post to the Opinions section.  Join in as we take up the matter of “Obama’s attack on religion.

          The religious right, spearheaded by a largely masculine leadership and power structure is once again dragging out the fictitious “war on religion (read that as war on Christianity).”  In an unwarranted action, the GOP\teavangelists\Roman Catholics are trying to roll back the availability of reproductive health services for women to the pre-Sanger days, and the status of women nationwide to that of women in Colonial America. 
          There is no war on religion.  However, churches enjoy taxation loopholes similar to corporations due to their supposed “non-profit \ charitable” nature.  Churches are not non-profit entities – track the real estate holdings of the Roman Catholic structure and the worldwide worth of the LDS.  Both of those “churches” routinely lobby and attempt to legislate from their pulpits in a manner that would be equally at home in Saudi Arabia or Iran.  These immense churches want not only to dictate medical and social choices for their members; they insist upon inflicting their medieval canon law upon civil law and life in these United States.  They essentially want social, cultural, and legal dominance over every U.S, citizen and resident.   This is the same dominance they object to in those nations that are officially Islamic in nature. 
          There is no war on religion in the United States.  That is not to say that there should not be.  I harbor a great deal of animosity toward mullahs and imams who pray and plan for the Caliphate to be established again.  I harbor an even greater amount of animosity and anger toward those “Christian” leaders who would happily take us back to the days of state religions, the Holy Roman Empire, and witch trials for heretics, apostates, blasphemers, and atheists.  Our “Western” religions have undergone enlightenment along with the civil nations of Europe.  They have no justification for their patterns of rejecting modern science and medicine in order to teach and enforce the practices of superstition and mythology upon their members.  But to attempt to enforce such practices upon non-members is simply criminal. 

Shabbat Shalom!

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