Saturday, February 8, 2014

8 February 2014 Ears are still ringing

Cassi Creek:         We met friends at The Down Home last night to see Sol Driven Train in concert.  The night began with Gloria and me dining at a new Johnson City Restaurant, Korean Taco House. 
          The venue is small seating maybe150.  The band began playing somewhat quietly.  The sound was a bit muddy with the vocals buried.  Sadly, it never improved.  The instrumental quality was excellent, with a great interplay between the trombone player and the saxophonist. 
          The 2nd set started off with the output to the hall far too high for a venue of that size.  From there it progressed to painful.  I’d go see them again but I’d want sonic valve earplugs.
          Today we attended a medical marijuana rally in Johnson City.  Turnout was about 200-250.  Gloria and I were both interviewed by local TV.  Her sign and my jacket both made the 1800 news cast.  We expect more film at 2300. 
          The crowd makeup was about 33% older, chronically ill, veterans, etc.  Another third would have been at home on Shakedown St.  The final third was comprised of relatively diverse people.  I came close to blows with an older woman who screamed in my ear intentionally.  Later she decided to insert herself into my interview.  I was annoyed and the reporter nonplussed.  Discretion kicked in and I said nothing to her. 
          The day was cold, topping out around 37 °F with rain and snow.  Not a great day for a rally and not a great day to encounter such rudeness.  There was an immense amount of screaming taking place as cars drove by and honked in support.  After last night, I found that physically painful today.  Getting old.
          We stopped by the Korean Taco House and brought home dinner tonight. 

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