Wednesday, February 12, 2014

12 February 2014 Frost’s view differs

Cassi Creek:  The portion of the major winter storm aimed at us has arrived.  We are seeing snowfall of about 0.5 inches/hour currently. 
          I’m hoping that the load of firewood I ordered yesterday will arrive.  There was no guarantee that it would, only a promise to deliver it as soon as possible.  We’ve used all of the last load except for a small amount cut into workable lengths and brought up under the rear deck overhead.  I have about one night’s worth of wood indoors.  Once we light the stove today, we’ll keep it going as long as possible. 
          The major concern now centers on power continuity.  It’s been several years since the power company contractors have done any maintenance trimming along the road.  There are several large trees that are at risk of falling and taking out power lines. 

          Robert Frost may have enjoyed the vista of snowy woods under a darkening sky.  I don’t find it quite so calming.  

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