Saturday, February 22, 2014

22 February 2014 loaded, of course

Cassi Creek:
          It should come as no surprise that Putin and underlings chose to add a police force of Cossacks to the “ring of steel” thrown around Sochi. 
          Putin is a linear descendant of the older rulers of Russia, tsarist or bolsheviki.  The way to the hearts and minds of Russians has always centered on a tribal or political force willing to cut their way to the heart of what troubles their masters.  A cavalry charge against un-armed civilians, massed small arms and artillery directed into un-armed civilians, and the random pogrom to satisfy both political and religious masters. 
          Sochi finds the Cossacks displaying their legendary brutality by physically assaulting women members of a punk-rock band that has the temerity to offend Putin. 

          Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Texas governor candidate brings Scum-rocker Ted Nugent onto the campaign stage to stir up hatred against a woman who has the balls to run against him.  When Nugent spews hatred, misogyny, bigotry, racism, anti-Semitism, and any other vileness he can mouth, he is quickly disavowed by most of the reactionary rightwing of the Texas GOP.  Of course they knew he was loaded, They just never realized how far out of social and cultural normalcy and reality he is.  Now there is a major effort to get him out of the state of Texas and out of the public’s eye before he says something even crazier. 

Last call for Lancasters – a great deal of technical and organizational information about the Lancaster bombers flown by the RCAF in WWII.  This will certainly be boring and of little interest to most people.  However, it’s the sort of historical information I find fascinating.

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