Wednesday, February 19, 2014

19 February 2014 Change the season

Cassi Creek:  It doesn’t matter what the calendar says.  It doesn’t matter what the national weather service says.  It doesn’t matter what some rodent in PA says.  Winter is over, Spring is here.
          It arrived this morning with the announcement of a tornado warning at ca. 0600.  We were already having thunderstorms that began sliding through about 0300.  When the weather radio woke me up with a severe thunderstorm warning, I silenced it after hearing the list of counties affected.  Thus, I failed to hear the follow on tornado warning. 
          When I brought up the computers at 0640, there was a small tornado-warning polygon aimed at us.  Fortunately, it was a Doppler detection that produced a definite vortex but no funnel or tornadic damage. 
          The resulting anxiety about time, duration, and location, made short shrift of any further slumber.  Loki was horribly anxious.  She’d been pacing and trying hide beneath the bed since about 0430. 
          So much for worrying about snowfall. 

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