Friday, February 14, 2014

14 February 2014 Just in time for the weekend

Cassi Creek:  The sun is actually shining  overhead.  Temperature is 42°F.  The snow is melting although the road is still icy and there has been little traffic other than the mail carrier. 
          Of course, today’s forecast includes a winter storm warning for tonight and tomorrow.  This forecast includes the probability of sleet and perhaps some icing. 
          There were two deer on the south end of the property this morning.  These are the first two we’ve seen on our land. However, Gloria has noticed deer scats last year as autumn ended.  Loki alerted to them when she was peering out the window.  When Gloria took her feeders outside to hang, Loki pushed past us both and headed off into the woods in search of the deer.  Took a while to bring her back.  Between the snow-covered ground and the new animal scent, she felt she should be allowed to wander independently. 
          Rib-eye steaks and roasted asparagus for dinner last night.  Cheesecake for Gloria.  She had a good birthday. 
          Still waiting on the next load of firewood. 

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