Saturday, February 15, 2014

15 February 2014 Original soundtrack by Bosch

Cassi Creek:  The snow forecast to arrive yesterday evening did not arrive until this morning.  So far, a bitter wind has carried about ½ inch of granular snow our way.
          Loki has been particularly vocal today.  She announced that squirrels had occupied the back deck at 0730, even though they were all on the deck rather than the platform feeder.  Her self-defined game seems to have changed.  Whether this will be a permanent change remains to be seen.  Dog rules can change abruptly. 
          An earthquake of 4.1 magnitude occurred near Edgefield S.C. about 2230 yesterday.  For some, the earth really did move last night.  We neither heard nor felt this one.  We did hear an as of yet unexplained noise about 1230 today that could have been a tree falling or a low order detonation of the sort that suggests an organic chemistry reaction has gone violently exothermic. 
          We’re still waiting for firewood delivery.  The heavy snowfall has probably prevented many wood sellers from bringing wood out of their lots. I keep trying to eke out the last wood we brought in. 

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