Thursday, February 6, 2014

6 February 2014 In the backwoods of Fenarrio

Cassi Creek:  We’ve used nearly all the wood we bought for the winter.  What wood remains must be split to smaller widths and cut to shorter lengths in order to fit into the wood stove.  I’m hoping for a slightly warmer, much less windy day when I can try to accomplish this.  I don’t really expect that I will have the luxury of those conditions.  I will still have to find some more wood.
          My home weather station is now over 5 years old and starting to protest continued demands that it monitor, record, and transmit what passes for local weather.  I’d rather not replace it right now.  I’ll keep coaxing it to function as long as possible.
          Monday, I was visited by what seems to be an enterovirus.  I have no idea where I acquired it – best guess is working the desk for the Contra dance last Saturday.  I was feeling rather worse than usual Monday afternoon but attributed it to making the hike with Mike in the rain.  Tuesday Am I managed the walk on a cold, foggy morning and barely made it home before full onset.  Tuesday and Wednesday, I was of little use to anyone.  I ate next to nothing.  Anyone who knows me at all understands the significance of this.  Eating is my cure all for almost any illness.  Today, I’m still feeling as if I’ve been prepped for endoscopy. 
          These community acquired enteroviruses sound reasonably harmless.  However, if someone becomes dehydrated, with altered electrolytes, the outcome can be much more serious.  I’m staying hydrated and keeping my lytes up.  Hope tomorrow is better.  At least, I’m regaining some appetite.

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