Thursday, May 9, 2013

9 May 2013 Pack distraction

Cassi Creek:  The GOP and Faux News have allied again to spread the latest conspiracy theories about the incident at Benghazi.  Fox News ratings must be slipping downward along with those of the GOP legislators.  Therefore, the rush to hold another round of Congressional hearings based upon rumor, innuendo, and frank lies.    Their plan is to keep heaping such allegations of misconduct and indifference upon the White House and the State Department in order to renew the long-standing character assassination of Hillary Clinton. 
          This indicates that the GOP will be fielding another group of candidates who will rapidly become co-opted by corporate America, or who have already sold out the Constitution that they all claim to revere, The current list of potential GOP candidates for POTUS in 2016 already point to further attacks upon the middle class taxpayers, to further assaults upon women’s health and reproductive services, and more attempts to privatize government and education. 
          Voters can also look for yet another attempt to overturn the affordable health care act.  Despite the astronomical rate increases for health insurance that already take place each year, that industry and Congress will make every possible effort to increase those rip-off rates even more while simultaneously ejecting an ever larger segment of our populace from any access to health care except already over-stressed Emergency Rooms. 
          This is neither the first or last place you will encounter warnings about the use of Congressional hearings to distort recent history and to distract the voting public from the reality of events here and abroad.  Congress is blowing its dog whistles to attract the GOP base to the newest round of propaganda.

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