Tuesday, May 28, 2013

28 May 2013 Clean sweep down fore and aft

Cassi Creek:
          Make that sweep down north to south.  The pool was opened last week, on the 22nd.  The decision was to run it this year using only a solar blanket for heat as the propane heater’s exchanger had developed serious leaks just before we closed it for the winter.  Best estimates for a new heat exchanger came it at ca. $1500.  Too rich for our blood this year. 
          On the 22nd, we discovered the availability of a used heater with an intact heat exchanger.  We’re currently waiting for it to arrive and to be installed. 
          In the interim, I’ve spent about an hour most days sweeping the pool down and trying to remove as much detritus and just plain dirt, along with the algae that built up over the winter by back flushing it out of the sand filter.  There’s every possibility that the sand will need replacing this summer.
          Yesterday we noticed that the pool was nearly clear.  Today it is much more evident.  Last week we had two days of thunderstorms to keep the water level up in the right range.  This week I’ve added water yesterday and today.  It’s well water, not the best for the pool chemistry and we don’t want to take the water level in the well too low. 

          Such is the plan of the day.

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