Sunday, May 19, 2013

19 May 2013 highways 50, 54, and 61revisited

Cassi creek:  Miles add up more rapidly than they used to.  I’ve logged a lot of miles since 11May.  As I write this, I still have a lot to log. 
          Sunset last Saturday found me in Marion IL, trying to find a vacant motel room on a college graduation weekend.  I wound up in an over-priced, double, smoking room.  I need a place for the night, as the next major city was St. Louis.  Taking the room was the best option as my eyes were burning and fogging over.  I’d already run through construction zones with one-lane, patch and pothole surfaces and traffic cones and barrels everywhere.  I knew I had to opt for safety and get off the road.  That knowledge plus the presence of a Steak and Shake within walking distance of the hotel made the needed stop decision. 
          Saturday the 19th finds me watching sunrise it approximately the same location.  I’m in a different hotel with a non-smoking room.  Easier to breathe. They’ll feed me breakfast before I go and whether they kiss me and respect me if of no concern.
          I have about 550 miles to cover today. I’ll get away about 5 hours earlier than I did yesterday and drive the construction zone in a better-rested state. 
Later.  Home again and off the road.  Drove through fog and drizzle from Marion IL to Nashville TN.  Then, the bottom fell out of the sky and the intelligent thing to do would have been to pull into a gas station or any place off the road.  I’ve displayed more intelligence previously. 

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