Monday, May 6, 2013

6 May 2013 Play your numbers

Cassi Creek:  The winning number is, hopefully, 332.1
          That is a diagnosis code used in the ICD-9 to specify “Parkinsonism.”  Not Parkinson’s Disease, but manifesting symptoms common to PD while not presenting with others. 
          The medication, Sinemet, I’ve been taking, has had some effects.  Today, I did not display much in the way of tremors while in the exam room.  Yesterday, I spent most of the day trying not to drop things. 
There is a general left-sided weakness compared to my right side that the resident seemed not to notice until I pointed out the findings OT had documented.  At that point, she charted the finding.  I understand how difficult it is to see a patient once, trying to glean everything important from a computerized file and the assorted information and misinformation that the patient provides, then assess the patient for changes and other concerns.  Since Gloria notices changes in my condition more than I do, I was happy that she chose to be there with me today.
          There seems to be no marked progression.  I was told that the ugliest two or three of the “atypical Parkinson’s” are most likely not in my prognosis.  This will probably shake out as a long-term slowly progressing disorder.  There are no new magic bullets in the apparent future. 
          So I need to start pushing the VA compensation process in any manner I can find.  I may have a winning number.  However, unless it is plugged into the system if is of no value.  

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