Saturday, May 18, 2013

18 May 2013 Night on bald mountain

Cassi Creek:  I’m interested in finding as many of my clinical rotation classmates as possible. But the task, after 40 years, is going to be rather difficult. 
I have only maiden names for the women in the class.  Most, if not all of them will have married but may or may not have retained their maiden names. 
          One phone number obtained on line, served only to provide a “She’s not here any longer, we have no idea where she is.”  Another based on dim memories and a wild ass guess landed me in a HR voice mailbox.  Going to be a lot of that. 
I should enjoy the current Doonesbury comic strips. 
Then, there’s the physical changes.  I had most of my hair then, although I think I had 18 months of growth trimmed off for the class picture.   I weigh somewhat more now, and I’ve long sense given up wearing my surving pair of jungle boots. 
Cue music, roll the Disney animation.

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