Thursday, May 16, 2013

16 May 2013 40 years and getting older

Cassi Creek:  “10 degrees and getting colder”  describes a search for fame and fortune that must be, at least temporarily abandoned in an effort to keep food in one’s belly.    Fame and fortune are difficult goals to realize under the best of conditions. 
          40 years and getting older, today’s edition, is about a chance encounter causing me to wonder where my classmates from clinical training have landed.  The rotation consisted of 16 students out of approximately 80 applicants, plus 3 Vietnamese who were supposed to return home and help form a cadre to teach clinical lab skills and procedures at a medical school in Saigon. 
          I doubt the women from VietNam can be located today.  However, they may have fled the NVA advance and wound up as immigrants. 
          A couple hours on line suggests that Kent M Feldsien, our clinical coordinator died at the age of 60.  He and I would sometimes take a day off and go fishing at one of the Missouri trout parks.  On one occasion, Charlie Spies joined us.  We three also skipped one day to go rabbit hunting.  We always caught fish, we never shot a rabbit.  Photographs of us in our blaze orange vests with our shotguns showed up in a photo [presentation at the UMMC hosted graduation that we, as a class, highjacked. Instead of a Path resident running the graduation, we collectively demanded Kent be offered the honor.  The Path department balked and we told them to cancel any ceremony unless Kent was the featured  speaker.  Surprisingly, they backed down. 
          I thought  I had  located one classmate, Anne E DeClue , now a physician.   A phone call this morning revealed that she has relocated.  The search starts over.  

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