Sunday, May 12, 2013

12 May 2013 on the road again

Cassi Creek:   Lot’s of lyrics with this title, performed by many musicians.  Each uses the music to highlight some salient point about traveling and performing.  Some like the life find lots of pleasure in it.  Others would rather not be away from home but the bills are paid by being on the road. 

Ian and Sylvia offered us the life of a traveling drummer.  Lightfoot’s Early Morning Rain has suited many musicians while many of Lightfoot’s songs evoke the difficulty of maintaining one’s life or one’s self while touring.  “Ten degrees and getting colder”  reminds us of the musician who would very much appreciate a place to get warm and dry and may have decided to quit the road.  Ian and Sylvia’s drummer knows he has no hope of escaping the road. 
          Travling has the advantage of seeing the changes take place at a realistic pace rather than seeing them less frequently and more drastically.  But no matter how frequently or where one travels the roads will always be under repair and th ones you must take are marked “closed follow detour.”

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