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30 November 2011 Do as I say, not as I do

(Follow me back to the McCarthy Days of yester-year)
My Man Newt
Published: November 29, 2011
Follow up concerning boomer spawn’s spawn
Take their phones away from them until they understand that they are not the center of the universe.
Posted at 12:30 PM ET, 11/29/2011
Cain can’t White-wash affair with Ginger

Cassi Creek:
            Maureen Dowd does a great job of pointing out the innate hypocrisy that is Newt Gingrich.  His determination to shove our nation back to the pre-TR days is going to be a major concern.  He’s enlisting southern evangelical churches to help him defeat Romney (the Polygamous Mormon).  Combining racism with religion is as evil today as it was in the post-Civil War era.  Gingrich obviously has no qualms about wage a campaign of hatred from the pulpits of churches he doesn’t even believe in strongly enough to prevent his own proscribed behaviors. 

          Herman Cain has apparently torpedoed his own campaign for POTUS.  Forget his desperate need for economic, national political, and foreign policy knowledge that renders him absolutely unsatisfactory for the position.   The Teavangelists/GOP base doesn’t seem to care about its candidates being intellectually capable of understanding such matters.  The base has next to no knowledge of the, why should the people it chooses to represent it?
          Cain’s campaign wrecking sin of commission is the same as Romney’s when we dig to the bottom.  Cain has managed to have a wife and a mistress, as well as who knows how many other reminders that Mormons and politicians belong to social structures that have previously and to some degree still approve of polygamy.  Cain apparently has followed where many French politicians led the way and where Brigham Young pointed.  The teavangelists can’t condone other males having more access to sex than they do.  Therefore, neither Cain, Romney, nor Houseman is going to be the teavangelist candidate. 
          Cain has not only doomed his candidacy by sexual escapades, he has put his self into a position from which he cannot escape intact as a candidate or as a male.  He is prevented from seeking absolution in the form of a jailhouse conversion by his own religious position as a preacher.  He has already played the Jesus card.  And other absolution mechanisms are unavailable because Gingrich has played alcoholism and patriotism as reasons for his philandering.  That leaves Cain only the “loving family” card.  He’s played that now; perhaps a bit too early.  That card is going to change his life in a manner more drastic than even winning the Presidency might have. 
          Never again will Herman Cain philander freely about the nation.  His “loving wife” is going to have him chained and confined more securely than Prometheus.  Cain is going to wish it were only an eagle tearing out his liver.  The final cost of Mr. Cain’s “loving family” gambit is slightly less than a pound of flesh, flesh that will from this point forward be only decorative in function.


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