Monday, November 28, 2011

28 November 2011  Weather or not snow problems
          Yes, it will.  Well, it might.  No, it didn’t. 
          The promised rainfall didn’t fall last night.  The wind has continued, unabated, all night and into today.  The potential for branch and tree fall is a constant gnawing concern. 
          Tuesday night is now the target date for snow to arrive at the lower levels and in the foothills.  The temperature is predicted to fall to 18°F Wednesday night. 
          Currently, there is precipitation on three sides of us and the proximity is decreasing.  If it once begins pouring into the notches and down the valleys, there will easily be an inch dumped onto already wet ground in the region.  There is a lot of potential for damage and much reason for concern.  There is no perfect place to live.    This, however, is beautiful and tolerable 6 months of 12. 
Cassi Creek:
          The reliability of Pakistan as an “ally” is being demonstrated once again. 
Pakistan says NATO ignored its pleas to hold off during attack that killed 24 soldiers
While the United States is widely disliked in Pakistan, the army has accepted billions in American aid over the last 10 years in return for its cooperation in fighting al-Qaida. It has been accused of fomenting anti-American sentiment in the country to extract better terms in what is essentially a transactional and deeply troubled relationship with Washington.
Saturday’s deadly incident also serves to shift attention away from the dominant perception of the Pakistani army in the West over the last five years — that of an unreliable ally that supports militancy. That image was cemented after al-Qaida’s chief Osama bin Laden was found to have been hiding in an army town close to the Pakistani capital when he was killed…
          The reliability of any claims that Pakistanis were attacked without provocation seems lacking to me.  That they did call for a cease-fire when attacked is highly likely. 
          We don’t see Pakistan as a partner in any process, but as a necessary participant due to geography and a containment problem due to their possession of nuclear warheads.  It is unlikely that their army will improve in ability or reliability.  It is unlikely that they will suppress the militant forces harboring in and operating from Pakistan.  It is entirely possible that they will leak nuclear weapons technology to Iran. 
          It behooves us to complete our operations in Afghanistan and to pull our troops out of both Afghanistan and Pakistan ASAP.  This should be the thrust of our foreign policy along with nuclear containment.
          Now back to watching the wind blow.  Film at 2300.

Live film of wind at 2300

Good night!

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