Saturday, December 4, 2010

4 December 2010 It is time to deflate Palin and her ego


“That was until a store employee told the reporter that press were not permitted to speak with customers inside the store, or leave the roped-off cafe area that had been designated for them.

"It's a Sarah rule, not our rule," the employee said, apologetically. Another store representative told reporters that the strict rules were handed down via Palin's publishing house, HarperCollins…”

By Kathleen Kennedy Townsend

Friday, December 3, 2010; 6:00 PM

Sarah Palin has found a new opponent to debate: John F. Kennedy.

Cassi Creek:

Palin’s 2nd book, ghostwritten, as is everything she publishes or posts, is proving the H.L. Mencken axiom – “No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.”

Also applicable

It has been apparent from the beginning of the 2008 campaign that Palin, despite five years purportedly studying journalism and communications, is unfamiliar with English as a first or second language. The presence of one complete and grammatically correct sentence in anything posted, printed, or published over her name is certain proof that not only did she not write it, but also that she has also not read it.

I have no idea at all what would cause any group of people to line up in a manner suggestive of East German shoppers hoping for real sausage in 1960, in order to buy a ghostwritten book and then to have it signed by an egocentric who has already come to believe that she actually wrote the book. Nor, if I were working for a legitimate media organization, would I quietly roll over, tits up, and allow the figurehead of a cult to dictate how I could do my job. Palin can refuse to talk to legitimate correspondents – she’s going to last longer if she does. There are no legitimate reasons that Ms. Petulance should be allowed to restrict the freedom of speech rights of anyone showing up in a bookstore, or the rights of the working media to interview those citizens. Somehow, the irony of such brazen disregard for the 1st Amendment freedom of the press fails to occur to the woman who “studied journalism.” It should certainly, have occurred to those members of the real working media.

This media avoidance smacks loudly of how dictatorships behave when faced with a press asking questions that the dictatorship wishes to avoid answering, or can’t answer. The media has the power to halt this behavior quickly, fairly, and permanently. Most of Palin’s public appearances have no real political merit. They serve only to keep her face and name in front of a public that has already decided to join her in bigotry, hatred, and intellectual emptiness.

CNN, CBS,MSNBC, and all the other media corporations should announce an immediate and ongoing boycott of all non-events involving Palin that do not directly pertain to announcing her candidacy for 2012. Unless she does that, no other public appearance is of sufficient value to merit airtime or column inches.

Charles M. Blow writing for the New York Times calls for an essential blackout on all things designed to maintain her prominence.

She Who Must Not Be Named


Published: December 3, 2010

“People on the left seem to need her, to bash her, because she is, in three words, the way the left likes to see the right: hollow, dim and mean. But since she’s feeding on the negativity, I suggest three other words: get over it. “

Hollow, dim, and mean seems an accurate description of a woman who remains stuck in her middle-school days. Her ability to pass notes, start rumors, and call names has been amplified by technology; technology invented and manufactured by those intellectuals she hates so much. She hasn’t matured in intellect, ability, or behavior since those days when her athletic prowess made her meanness acceptable within her peer group. She’s simply found that using technology she can insult and exclude people in front of a much larger audience.

I’d like to see the media, the real media, generate a Palin blackout until such time as she actually files as a candidate or until the lack of attention causes her to explode and display the true depths of hollow dim, and mean.

How about it, CBS, CNN, and others? You know she’s not really newsworthy. Return her to the small town she crawled out from.

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