Saturday, December 25, 2010

25 December 2010 Sleeping in is rarely rewarded

I managed to sleep in ‘til’ almost 0800 this morning. I woke up feeling pretty well rested, about as pain free as I ever feel upon waking up – which is a topic for another day - and extremely happy to be where I am.

A quick look out the window assured me that the forecasted snow had begun. The morning well begun, the morning routine fell into place. Coffee first, watch, medications, animals, check the wood stove, leash Loki and retrieve the newspaper. Return indoors, check the stove for remnants of last night’s fire, and add kindling and wood to bring that fire back into service.

When I took Loki out at 0800, the snow was granular in nature and lightly covered most of the ground. By 0930, the snow depth was about ½ inch. At 1145, Mike returned the log splitter. After storing it, I cleaned 1& ½ inches off the stairs and deck. And now, at 1515 there is another 1 & ½ inch coating on the deck. The NWS forecast for tonight and tomorrow predicts 2-4 more inches of snow. Since we’ve already clocked three inches or so, I’m betting on the total of 4-5 inches. We are not at an extremely high elevation but we seem to accumulate snow as if we are. The micro-climatic effect of the various peak ridges and valleys that define our property seems to favor winter expressions.

Today’s snow has become fairly thick and moderately wet. The overall effect is suitable for a movie set for Bing Crosby or for Christmas in Appalachia.

It’s an easy day to do next to nothing. Television programmers are trying milk the last bit of Christmas and start the endless series of lists of the _____of 2010. Fill in your own blanks. I’m avoiding any such programming.

Our relative isolation steers us toward a lazy day. Gloria’s waiting for her family in London to call. We’ve talked to mine in Kansas City. There is no Chinese restaurant worth mentioning that is open within two hours drive and little playing at local theaters worth dropping a $20 bill to sit through.

I’ll finish this, keep converting mass to energy and ash, and begin thawing the snow crab we’re dining on tonight. All in all, a fine Shabbat, a good day to enjoy each other. Enjoy!

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