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24 December 2010 We should Roe the day

I firmly endorse the thoughts of the two writers linked below!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Phil Roe's Town Hall Extravaganza

The Johnson City Press and The Kingsport-Times News reported Rep. Phil Roe's Town Hall meeting regarding health care reform. Two newspapers. One reporter. Same story. The tone of the article was to dismiss those who advocate for reform as "emotional."

Roe’s tax deal vote

Every Republican in this district who makes less than $250,000 should feel utterly and completely betrayed by U.S. Rep. Phil Roe. With his vote on the “tax deal” he stands firmly with the ultra-rich top 1 percent of Americans.

Maybe there are more rich folks in the 1st District than I am aware of and Roe is looking out for them. I, however, am not feeling the love.

He is certainly not allowed any more crying and whining about the deficit (via his electronic newsletter) having voted to increase it by some $800 billion or more. With the cuts to Social Security, I anticipate that the retirement age will be the next target for the Congress and fully expect to have to work until I’m 70 or older to help pay for these millionaire/billionaire tax cuts. I voted for Roe two years ago, but certainly will not do so again. Congratulations to big money. They win — again.



Cassi Creek:

I’ve rarely encountered a politician who made me feel like I needed to wash my hands immediately than does Phillip Roe. I’ve encountered a few evangelists who left me feeling equally in need of ablution.

Roe’s masters have assigned him a sub-committee so that he can feel self-important and begin to acquire his own string of lobbyists who will feed his campaign fund.

My thoughts about Mr. Roe can be found in the letter below.

Shabbat Shalom.

24 December 2010

To: 4411 North Roan St.

Suite 29

Johnson City, TN 37601

Mr. Roe,

I note your recent appointment as chair of the House subcommittee for Health, Employment, Labor, and Pension. Once again, your GOP\Teavangelists demonstrate the degree of their disconnection from the reality of life for far too many American citizens. In fact, I can’t think of anyone less qualified to chair such a sub-committee.

One would think that your years as a physician might have conveyed a bit of understanding about how poorly health care is provided to most Americans. Since most physicians are afforded professional courtesy by their colleagues, allowing them to avoid worries about finding a competent physician and paying for his/her services. When you trumpet your “over 5000 deliveries” you fail to mention that you’ve essentially received free medical care from the day you entered medical school.

Dealing with Employment for the GOP is a one-note performance. “Tax cuts for the rich will magically create jobs.” Where, Mr. Roe, are the jobs created by the Bush Era Tax Cuts? Easily answered, they’re all offshore because no super rich American is going to pay a living wage to American workers unless forced to do so. Two years from today, I’m sure that “Where are the jobs?” can be answered using the same sentence.

That also applies to Labor. We all know how the GOP feels about labor; sub-minimum, off the books, to illegals or not at all.

Pensions? I’m sure yours is safe. I’m sure the bankers and financiers will recall that you voted against financial reform.

What else have you done for N.E. TN? You’ve voted to increase the debt in order to assure your rich owners continued tax cuts. You’ve voted against allowing members of the military to admit openly to being gay for fear that “Potentially there could be some consequences.” You’ve voted for the continuation of mountain top removal, for the continued destruction of TN streams and wildlife.

You’ve whined like a third grader about having to work after Christmas, about having to “Bring the entire House of Representatives back (to vote on the continuing budget resolution). That’s your job, Mr. Roe. You and the rest of the GOP\teavangelists have spent 11 months delaying any action on any bill or resolution that you could. Don’t complain to me or anyone else about having to work when you’d rather be elsewhere. There are millions of unemployed and under-employed (remember those off-shored jobs) who would walk back to Washington D.C. in order to complete the job if they were fortunate enough to have the chance of employment.

Please don’t insult us by “Co-sponsoring any bill to cut Congressional salaries. We both know that bill will never reach the floor of the House.

Nothing you’ve done since you became “my employee” causes me to find you worthy of retention. I’m sure the coal and natural gas industries, the big banks, and the wealthiest Americans will grade your performance differently. They can afford to keep you on their payrolls. But we citizens of TN who know what it is to work weekends, holidays, and to miss vacations can’t afford your services.

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