Thursday, December 30, 2010

30 December 2010 Your list and mine may vary

According to the Washington Post the ten most important news stories of 2010 are:

GULF OIL DISASTER - – Everyone involved in any manner knew that the well was being drilled on the cheap with every possible corner being cut. We’ve yet to know who will get the official final blame for failure to follow regulations, failure to oversee offshore drilling, inadequate and out of date safety procedures, and utter lack of concern for anything but profits. What we do know is that the American public will take the hit.

HEALTH CARE OVERHAUL – We need universal, single payer, national health insurance similar to Canadian and other national systems. We got another windfall for the insurance companies and proof that the 2008 election had sent the most spineless group of Democrats possible to Congress. What we wound up with is the GOP plan – ‘inherit lots of money or die quickly”

US ELECTIONS – The 2010 elections once again prove that the GOP machine can market absolute lies and bullshit to their vote base with impunity. The GOP\Teavangelist base is terrified of the possibility that someone with dark skin will move in and take their jobs. What jobs? That voter base voted for the people who shipped their jobs overseas and knowingly used the cheaper illegal laborers that they fear to replace them.

US ECONOMY – Wonderful if you are a banker, broker, trader, analyst with an obscenely large bonus in your pocket. Not so great if you lost your job, if you’ve been job hunting, or if you hope to ever work in a first world nation.

HAITI EARTHQUAKE - People who over-populate an island and live in shanties and shacks shouldn’t. Like most of the former European colonies, the human suffering is due in part to the Roman Catholic Church.

-TEA PARTY MOVEMENT – The party for people who profess to love “The Constitution” except for the amendments that allow women and minorities to vote, that allow income taxes, that limit terms for the President, and those pesky parts of the 1st amendment that prevent them forming a theocracy and sending all non-Christians off to camp.

CHILE MINE RESCUE – A truly bright event in the history of 2010.

IRAQ - U.S. forces formally ended their combat role and looked ahead to planned withdrawal, while Iraqis endured months of bitter political haggling after an election that failed to heal Sunni-Shiite divisions.

What could we possibly expect? The religious hatred and tribalism were certain to prevent any hope of actually forming a modern nation. Keep pulling the troops out!

WIKILEAKS - First came the online postings of a huge batch of U.S. military documents from Iraq and Afghanistan, Then WikiLeaks started releasing a cache of classified State Department diplomatic cables, creating embarrassment for Washington in its dealings with other nations.

This was bound to happen eventually. The diplomatic cables only prove what all the diplomats know, that they gossip and that all diplomacy is based upon lies and deceit. The Arabs are afraid of Iran but don’t want to get their hands dirty in a war against brother Muslims; unless they belong to the wrong tribe or the wrong sect. The military files should never have been accessible to a PFC. Heads should and will roll.

AFGHANISTAN - After months of deliberation, President Obama ordered a troop surge in a major bid to turn the tide of the nearly 10-year-old war. Intense fighting pushed the Taliban out of some longtime strongholds, but the militants remained resilient, and Afghanistan remained beset by corruption and ineffectual government.

We had the chance to bag bin Laden, Rumsfeld and Cheney blew it. We have no other reason to be in Afghanistan or Pakistan. Fire all the mercenaries. Pack up the troops, bring them home. Then cover the Pakistani nuclear warheads in green glass with only ½-hour warning. Keep the reward for bin Laden open to anyone who can bring him in – no questions asked.

This is my take on the top ten stories. I’m interested in yours.

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