Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Palin disrobe to "take the nation back"

15 September 2010 Try to remember the ides of September

The next time Sarah Palin mouths off about “taking our nation back” from the unknown “them” someone should ask her if she’s willing to personally assume the role of Liberty as portrayed by Delacroix on 28 July 1830. Guaranteed to shut her up for three reasons. She won’t understand the reference, and if someone explains it to her she will defer for the other two reasons.

Just to demonstrate that loops of insipidness do exist and can surface, my entry for 15 September 2009 was titled “Try To Remember the Kind of September.” It’s still posted and can be read if your level of bittersweet needs topping off. The nature of the song that brought it all to mind is that of a brain worm. So it is safe to predict that 15 September 2011’s entry will somehow contain similar references to a long-remembered song.

For the record, I’ve still not seen “The Fantastiks.” I doubt the coming year will alter that.

This is a September of hope fulfilled for one American and desperate hope for two others. The fate of an American female hiker held captive by Iran, Sarah Shourd, has taken a turn for the better as the Iranian government released her from captivity. Two companion hikers still remain hostage in Iranian hands. The three were being held on espionage charges. The half million dollar ransom disguised as bail should never have been paid to Iran. Despite the apparent urgency involved in freeing our citizens, this “bail” is ransom demanded by Iranian pirates.

“September 13, 2010

Iran's internal politics are complicating the release of an American jailed after being arrested hiking near the border. Sarah Shourd, one of three hikers being held, may be released on a $500,000 bail. Melissa Block talks with Hadi Ghaemi of the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran about the factors at play in Tehran's courts.”

I listened to NPR discussion about her release while driving into class yesterday. The prevailing thought was that Ahmadinejad’s annual self-humanization program, designed to make him appear more reasonable and less like a religious fanatic when appearing at the UN had run afoul of the ruling unit that is quite happy to be perceived as religious fanatics. If it ever comes down to which nation, the US or Iran has more religious crazies, the US will total our with many more. I avoid the word “win” as if three might be a reward or prize for numerical superiority. There would be no “winning.” Ask the citizens of Iran who’ve grown up under the great Islamic revolution.

Ms. Shourd was exquisitely cautious to avoid any words or phrases that might cast Iran, its political leaders, or its religious leaders in a bad light, or that might anger them. It would not have required much to disrupt the proceedings. She was, and remains still, a tiny pawn in a game of international diplomacy and internal power struggles. The “humanitarian “ excuse for her release in conjunction with Ramadan is not based in humanitarian concern for her well-being; but in the very great risk that she has been stricken with a potentially lethal disease. Iran does not want to be seen as preventing a young woman from receiving medical care, or from the very real possibility that Iranian health care delivery systems can’t or won’t treat her particular disease. We may very well see more of this in the future as Iran’s president rails against current sanctions.

This is the September of disbelief in many ways. The Sarah Palin clone squad is being prepped and pimped for political campaigns and offices. Since we refused to elect Ms. Palin, she has now begun creating and releasing clones into the political arena. They dress like Palin, propose the same theocratic John Birch reactionary platforms as Palin, and lack verbal skills as well. We could soon be suffering under a repressive repetition of the Reagan/Bush II years with idiots in office pushing for theocratic control of every aspect of public life and political life. The Palin clones will all demand “god in schools” removal of “evolution and other science education,” destroying the recent health care reforms in favor of free market insurance companies, and, of course, taxing the poor even more so the rich can pocket the poor’s last dollars while trumpeting about how the wealth will now “trickle down.” After long years in medical labs, I know what trickles down. It’s never good when it does.

This is a September of astonishment. I’m completely unable to understand why anyone would believe anything that Palin utters. Her lack of political awareness, lack of ethics, and overwhelming ego-centrism make her absolutely unsuitable for any political office. Yet, thousands of people continue to send her money, to pay to hear her read – poorly- a ghost-written speech that is aimed at that part of our populace which can’t read or reason at a high school level. The strings that move her body parts are all too obvious, but the mobs fail to notice them. The mobs fail to realize that Palin does not write the words she massacres. The mobs are poorly prepared to choose leaders. Palin should be viewed as unfit to rule as Marie Antoinette.

We Americans missed the reign of terror that followed the French Revolution. The Civil War was a harbinger of our own mob rule era. The mobs are mobilizing now to bring about our own copy of France’s internal terrorist rule. France survived theirs. France had the good fortune to depose the Church when it did royalty. Our mobs are all too eager to embrace the churches and let them rule. What we may face can make France’s suffering look like kindergarten play. Man the barricades, brothers and sisters. Liberty is in jeopardy!

Delacroix’s painting of “Liberty leading the people.” The larger view is posted below. This is a remarkable example of art and politics working as a powerful team.

I’ll believe Ms. Palin and her clones have the best interests of our nation at heart when I see them bare-breasted on the barricades.

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