Sunday, September 26, 2010

26 September 2010 Rain on the roof

The promised rains began about 0400. With a metal roof, the noise of rain beginning to fall is almost always loud enough to wake us up. It is a friendly sound, one that encourages us to roll over and go back to sleep. Between the rain noise and the overcast skies not being bright enough to jolt us awake it becomes easier to sleep in.

The newspaper was damp when I brought it in. The current carrier rarely uses the plastic sleeves that keep the paper dry and neatly contained. Sunday’s paper is always threatening to fall apart. It would be less problematic if the carrier would put the actual paper inside the ads and fliers that make up the bulk of the delivery.

I can count on the fingers of one hand how many times I’ve actually pawed through those fliers. Even the ads for grocery stores generally push items that we don’t buy or consume. We never bring in soft drinks, chips, pretzels, etc. We seldom purchase box meals that contain lots of salt and sugar. The ads for school clothes, notebooks, and anything dealing with kids are wasted upon us. I would opt out of getting these ads if I could.

I’ve two exams to review for today and tomorrow. Lots of reading to skim and numbers to fix to events and items.

I just turned off the gas to the pool heater and powered it down. The pool season is over. The solar blanket will stay on the pool until the pool is closed down for the winter. It means less maintenance to do in the next week or so.

Dinner tonight will be tuna sashimi over brown rice and miso soup. That’s a good rainy day meal.

There are many political items that bear watching, things that via action or inaction could cause serious damage to this nation. Today it is someone else’s turn to sound the alarm or point toward the offenders. I’ve history to study, in hopes that if ever it is my fate to make a crux decision, I will recall enough of the past to steer around the rocks and shoals that hinder our course.

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