Wednesday, September 22, 2010

22 September 2010 Still feels like summer to me.

The morning hike with Mike left me dripping sweat and in need of another shower. I need to go into town to take care of some house-keeping paperwork/permit items. 40 mile round trip with at least an hour of wait time built in. With two different class schedules and other appointments and obligations it is getting complicated for us both to schedule the time.

Another Palin clone decides to evade media scrutiny and speak only via limited access to pre-approved questions. How brave and honest of her!

“Christine O'Donnell: I'm not doing any more national TV interviews

By Felicia Sonmez in today’s Washington Post.”

If O’Donnel won’t visit the press, I strongly suspect that the press will become far more present than she can currently imagine. I have to wonder if she will buckle under pressure like Palin did when her series of lies, half-truths and her lack of any real competency became grist for the media. She still remains unaware that she and she alone, drew all the attention to herself and her stage-prop family. Will O’Donnel’s hair fall out as did Palin’s? describes the new state of feminism as the Palin campaign and clones wish to define it. Welcome to the downward spiral that marks the loss of intelligence among the Tea party mobsters and their chosen idiots in waiting.

Please note the plan to exclude any but tame pseudo-media in the Fox-driven propaganda program. Will the Tea Party evangelists try to create their position as first or second estate?

At 1500 it is 89.5 °F poolside. The temperatures are running about 10-12 degrees above average. We should be cooling down by now. This may well be the hottest summer on record here. The night time temperatures are not dropping low enough to cool the house down very much. I’m sure I will be wishing for warmer days when the stove needs to be fed and wood needs to be carried in. But I’ve always liked the cooling down that autumn brings and I’m looking forward to it today.

The trees are likely to turn brown rather than yellow or red this fall. Two of our hemlocks are infested with the algids that are slowly destroying the Appalachian hemlock forests.

Hemlocks! Thought springs to mind of a distant teacher clapping her hands in rhythm to Longfellow’s “Hiawatha.” This is the forest, primeval, the murmuring pines and the hemlocks…

More hemlock associations: Clint Eastwood as Jonathon Hemlock, assassin in “The Eiger Sanction.” Excellent climbing sequences and wonderful views of and from the Eiger.

George Kennedy – “North Face?”

Eastwood – “Of course.” Flat affect, lay it on the line from minute one. “Nordwand” is German for North wall. “Mordwand” translates as murder wall. A joke made by the early climbers who faced the Eiger with hemp ropes, wet woolen clothing, and the certain knowledge that the summit was less likely than failure.

Mordwand, of course, appropriate for a climb that involves an assassination on the mountain. Interesting plot for a movie, nice adaptation of the book, and like all Eastwood’s movies, a very interesting sound track.

One of very few movies that I can watch with interest more than once. So much for letting my mind run unfettered. I suppose I should direct it toward some sort of research paper for history 3940. But truthfully, I don’t want to spend the time on an academic paper. I’ll take the exams as an internal check and see how I feel in cooler weather.

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