Wednesday, March 24, 2010

24 March 2010 Time to tax churches and stop the war

24 March 2010 Time to tax churches

The churches in this nation need to be taxed. There is no reason to allow televangelists to dictate national policies, no excuse for any church to become involved in legislation over social wedge issues. There is no reason to allow any church to harbor illegal aliens under some pre-reformation concept of sanctuary. There is a civil war brewing in America and too many churches or religious sects are squarely in the middle of that war.

The separation of church and state demanded by Jefferson is based upon his and other founders’ first-hand knowledge of what churches with political power can do to a nation. We had the chance to escape the theocracies that repeatedly plunged Europe into wars. We had the chance to not become crusaders, to not have our daily lives sculpted and dictated by one faith or another. We had the best chance any nation has ever had to leave the religious nuts behind in the dust of the old world.

Now, we’re beginning to look like Latin America. We have a Catholic Bishops Council intruding into health care legislation because they are afraid that someone might have an abortion. It is no business of any bishop whether or not our health care policies are consistent with Vatican beliefs and policies. The last time I looked, the Vatican was surrounded by Italians. Most of the political and economic problems endemic to Latin America came over on boats with priests. The promise of an afterlife in paradise in exchange for a lifetime of careless reproduction, tropical diseases, involuntary servitude, and life-long third world status can be laid at the feet of the Roman church.

And if the problems the Catholic Church engenders aren’t sufficient we’ve our native English speaking Southern Baptists and other evangelical fundamentalists who are doing their best to replace the U.S. Constitution with the King James bible and morality police who exceed those of Saudi Arabia in viciousness and stupidity. I don’t care how they pray at home. I object intensely to them trying to make the civic world an adjunct church and I will resist for ever their attempts to replace the real freedoms of our Constitution with the lies, repression, and bigotry that springs from their insistence that all of us must obey the laws they think originate in their holy texts. They complain about the Afghani Taliban but never see the faces in the mirror.

These churches are also contributing to extreme civil unrest and polarization. Their unceasing demands that Roe v Wade be overturned, their repetitive incitement to violence, describing those who commit violence against abortion providers and supporters as “martyrs” will be at the root of more murders by self-described “pro-lifers.”

Abortion, abortion funding, homosexuality and the campaign to provide homosexuals with civic rights and rituals equal in nature to those in effect for heterosexuals, and keeping religious education out of public schools, along with immigration are the primary wedge issues in American life today. There is agreement and some degree of cooperation among all the Christian sects except on immigration.

Today’s news is gravely disturbing. Ten members of the House of Representatives have asked for extra protection. They have received threats against their persons, against their wives, children, and grandchildren. Offices have been vandalized. All of these members are Democrats but not all of them support abortion. This violence has been called for by tea party speakers, suggested by Republican leaders, and demanded by anti-abortion groups. Right wing demagogues are openly suggesting that Democrats be gotten rid of. They will claim they are calling for legal election campaigns but they would be quite happy if violence results. It will raise their ratings and revenues.

The threat of violence is real and growing. We’ve seen physicians shot and killed in the last two decades by anti-abortion activists. We haven’t seen any of our elected officials shot recently but the probability is growing daily. The NRA incited several ambushes where cops were killed by gun nuts afraid Obama would seize their firearms. The homicidally intentioned have gravitated previously to the GOP and now are likely converging on the Tea Party. The GOP leadership has not been strong or rapid enough in trying to tamp down the violence they unleashed via the Palin campaign in 2008. The Tea Party leadership has no desire to decrease the level of violence, potential or real. They continue to call for a revolution that they believe they could facilitate and win. In reality they would break and run but they hold the potential to harm many innocent people.

The call to violence has been sounded by the reactionary right after incitement by the churches. Death, if it happens, will be at the hands of people who want to stop abortion by anyone at any time. They are demanding that we consider a fetus to be sacred until it is born. Once born, they have no concern for its life. We are in a cultural war that should never have happened. The churches’ desire to meddle in the lives of non-members is squarely at fault. Tax them, keep them out of politics, tax them until they bleed.


  1. Doesn't matter whether they committed a felony or a infraction, they still must be deported--because they broke the sovereign law of this nation. It's a crime to enter any country without permission. See what happens to you if your caught in Mexico after overstaying your welcome. IT'S A VERY INTENTIONAL TRAVESTY OF OUR LAWS, TO MAKE IT JUST A CIVIL OFFENSE IN CROSSING ON TO AMERICAN SOIL? MY GUESS IT WAS CONCEIVED BY THE OPEN BORDER PEOPLE, WHO ESCAPED FROM INSANE ASYLUM, OR AT LEAST IN THE PAY OF CORRUPT FOREIGN GOVERNMENTS.

    . They keep repeating the--SAME TIRED NUMBER--but the US border Patrol in just the Tuscon sector, expressed, \"Only one out of ten is caught.\" The Tucson sector Border Patrol union local 2544 on the number of illegal aliens in our nation: \"There are currently 15 to 20 million illegal aliens in this country by many estimates, but the real numbers could be much higher and the numbers increase every day because our borders are not secure (NO MATTER WHAT THE POLITICIANS TELL YOU-DON\'T BELIEVE THEM FOR ONE SECOND) Said a Spokesman for the Border Patrol. \"Our illegal immigration numbers are based on an estimated twenty million illegal aliens having been present in our nation as of -JANUARY 1, 2004.\"almost four million people crossed our borders illegally 2002\" end of quote.

    Other experts on the subject agree that illegal crossings have only increased since then. Please don\'t believe my numbers? Go to the US Census Bureau and read we could have a population of 438 million people by 2040, unless we halt this travesty for good? Americans cannot afford 10 million more families. Foreign nationals are very knowledgeable at cheating the IRS and the US taxpayer. They can even get child credits for their children, either not in America or in some other country. Once those here receive appropriate green cards they can then sponsor immediate family member, including people with infirmities as long as they are financial sponsored. But this is a joke, because once here the law--IS NOT ENFORCED. They then become public charges. They can collect Supplementary Security income (SSI) and other benefits. The number can never be truly calculated?

  2. Even the US Census will be off the mark, because hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions will stay silent. Now the number of illegal immigrants who have no intention of renewing their entry visa, or have slipped past the Border Patrol (Canada and Mexico, South American countries and islands) must be deported. We need professional and highly skilled workers, but not desperate uneducated, non-or semi-skilled. We have millions of Americans and legal residents in that category. Guest workers for farms and agriculture, but they must stay in that job until their visa expires. No options!.Then go home? California the SANCTUARY STATE, ARIZONA & NEW YORK have been bled dry. Black-Americans are especially vulnerable to the illegal alien invasion. as millions of jobless have extracted from employment to rehire minimum wage foreign national applicants.

    Americans with rights have been terminated for the same reasons, that parasite businesses can exploit the undocumented with reporting them to ICE, stealing their wages, confined in hazardous conditions or other severe situations. Whereas Citizens and residents have the option of reporting the employer to the labor department. The true estimate of foreign nationals in America is somewhere between 20 and 30 million? If AMNESTY is forced through the numbers will skyrocket, as countless numbers will be ready to bridge the border, just before President Obama signs the new reform. (with the wife and kids this would amount to 40-50 million people) on welfare, in subsidized housing, food stamps, WIC, more teachers, covered by Medicaid and other payments. They will not be paying any taxes because of the EIC and Child Tax credits will reimburse them. The IRS does not follow up on this type of fraud?

  3. This is a cruel trick on every honest taxpayer is this first generation of newly legalized immigrants, could escalate with thousands bring in brothers, sisters, Mothers and Fathers. By the year 2040 the population of America could be unsustainable with limited resources, water shortages, highways crammed to capacity and a infrastructure that is falling apart. THOSE INTERESTED-THE HISTORY CHANNEL IS ONCE AGAIN TELEVISING \"The Crumbling of America.\" This Friday observe the depreciating bridges, dams, levees and 50 year old underground system of sewage in some areas. Our Survival is in peril, but they do not enforce immigration laws. In fact Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano has cut the budget for the Border Patrol and other enforcement tools in the SAVE ACT and REAL ID Act. Well-documented, the 100.000 pro-amnesty protest on Sunday and the last two months of PR build-up across the country was backed by tens of millions of dollars from George Soros, Carnegie Foundation, Ford Foundation and the giant SEIU unions.

    E-Verify has already under pressure to be dissolved, as it cuts into business profits by using discount labor. 287 (G) is a very successful local police detainment for illegal aliens as with ICE audits, but even that has been compromised. Fortunately, E-Verify is being upgraded with new innovations, that will detect fraudulent ID. Photo recognition being one of the new tools to leech out foreign labor. Yet the Congress keeps appropriating money to fight foreign wars or aid other countries. There is much more to learn-not- the propaganda given to us by the business world Learn so much more by surfing the Internet or go to NUMBERSUSA. Read about the corruption from both political parties at JUDICIAL WATCH. Don\'t hesitate in calling your Senator or Representative at 202-224-3121 In addition Don\'t forget to give your State assembly a piece of your mind.

    Not copyrighted. TELL THE PEOPLE YOU KNOW--NO AMNESTY! It will entice Millions more to come for free government entitlements.