Wednesday, March 10, 2010

10 March 2010 Waiting for the rain

10 March 2010 Waiting for the rain

Rain is forecast for today. There is still some snow at the higher elevations. Moderate rain may result in a greater rise in the creek than the rain would normally bring. The ground is fairly well saturated and can’t hold as much as in prior years. Still, that saturation is a good thing, keeps people’s wells working.

Our well is still murky. The well company is supposed to install a new pressure tank this evening. Then we start looking at each possible factor to see if we can solve the well problem. There may not be any single solution. But we can hope for a good resolution to this ongoing problem.

Spring break is half over. I did manage to sleep in yesterday. Perhaps I can add an extra hour tomorrow. Daylight Savings time begins this Saturday. Just another thing that Congress should never have touched. However, they can collectively point to the most recent changes in beginning and ending DST and claim to have accomplished something.

Tonight’s dinner is prepped and in the reefer. Since we will have to cut off power to the well in order to have the pressure tank replaced, we will have no running water during the installation. So I planned ahead and we’ll be able to eat at about the regular time. The well pump is on a separate circuit. The kitchen will work except for the water source. Tonight we will eat zucchini stuffed with zucchini, onion, ground beef, garlic, various spices and herbs, matzo meal, and Roman cheese. Half an hour at 350°F and it will be ready to warm our stomachs and our attitudes.

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