Sunday, March 21, 2010

21 March 2010 62 and looking forward

21 March 2010 62 and looking forward

Today, I reach 62 years of age. I truly never gave much thought to obtaining such an age when I was growing up. I looked at people of this age as ancient, as did almost all my fellow young boomers. We expected to be, as Bob Dylan wished us, “forever young.” Yes, we fell into the same trap as every other generation before us.

Like most generations, mine had a war to help define it. I played my part in that definition, opposing and yet participating in it.

I am fortunate to have a mother who taught me to cook, iron clothes, replace buttons, do laundry, to appreciate music, and to appreciate learning. Those are good starting points.

I grew up with one set of siblings, a brother and a sister. In my fifties, I discovered another set of siblings, brother and sister.

Both brothers have died, one in an automobile accident, one of complications of Multiple Sclerosis. I never met the brother who succumbed to MS.

Both sisters are alive and well. One lives in Kansas City. Over the years we’ve gradually overcome the gap that 8 years between births creates. She’s a good sister, an interesting woman who works the KC board of trade, and I’m proud to be her brother. I have yet to meet my remaining sister. I’d welcome the chance.

The woman I am happily married to, Gloria arrived in my life at exactly the right time. She reminded me that music still plays, that I can laugh, and has been responsible for a series of remarkable birthday gifts.

So, to all of you, thanks for your contributions, your encouragement, your willingness to share knowledge, fun, and life. I’m looking forward to another good year.

Dinner tonight will be snow crab with cheese cake for dessert. I didn’t plan it; Gloria rustled the crab and the cheese cake.
To all of you following this on-line, I appreciate your support and interest. Watch for a return to regularly scheduled rants, tirades, and other evidence of approaching curmudgeonhood

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