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25 February 2010 Sarah the Resignator and the fable of great jobs for unwed teen mothers

25 February 2010 Sarah the Resignator and the fable of great jobs for unwed teen mothers

Is Sarah Palin a hypocrite for sending her oldest daughter off to the societal harlot known as Hollywood?

The link below lays out the scenario with daughter Bristol apparently playing herself on an ABC teen program. It also links to several pages of more or less antagonistic comments concerning the Palins, former governor, and current unwed high school dropout mother.

I won’t bother quoting the Washington Post article. There’s really nothing new in it unless one has just returned to situational, geographic, and political awareness after living in a cave since mid 2008. If one enjoys anti-Palin commentary, have a ball. If not, avoid the link and some of the truth it contains.

Ms. Palin is now an adult and free to take any job she can find to support her untimely conceived infant. Since she left high school prior to graduation and prior to delivering her child, well-paying jobs are going to be few and far between. I’m sure there are mini-marts in need of night clerks in Alaska. Perhaps the former Governor, Sarah the Resignator, might wield what political influence she still has to find her older daughter a paying job so that the lawyer bills get paid. No one is likely to send money to pay for Bristol’s lawyer. Nor is the tea-party mob likely to send money to pay pediatrician bills since many of the mob don’t believe in vaccination anyway. Oh, wait! Baby Palin-Johnson is reportedly getting healthcare from one of the Native American health care programs. Bristol and baby must need some cash for daily living expenses, diapers, baby food, baby cloths; unless those are being paid for by Grandma Resignator from her “legal defense fund”. Might be interesting to find out what that fund is paying for.

Here’s the part that bothers me most:

Teen-agers get pregnant while still in school. I can’t really fault the daughter, particularly since Grandma Resignator, being a fan of abstinence-only education, apparently failed to properly instruct her daughter regarding just exactly what is involved in “that abstinence thingy.” The daughter was sent out to play without necessary information. She got caught.

The worst thing anyone could do is to make being an unwed, teen-aged, high school dropout, seem glamorous. So what has Grandma Palin done? Like all of her children, she waved Bristol around as a campaign prop to lure the theocrats, theocons, and evangelicals. She hid behind a pregnant teen-ager. She kept a pregnant child from finishing school by using her as a prop in her campaign, and then in her post resignation quest for money, fame, and more money.

Unless everything I have read and heard is wrong, Bristol Palin is no more the intellectual than is her mother. If ever a child needed to finish high school, it is Bristol Palin. But Grandma Resignator needs distractions. She’s pulling what strings she can to find paying gigs for her unwed and unskilled daughter. Face it; Bristol has little to make her an attractive television actress beyond her name and Mommy’s ability to pimp her out.

So let me offer thanks to Sarah and Bristol Palin for doing their very best to increase the birth rate among teen-aged, white, high school dropouts. The GOP will be happy to demand they give birth with no resources to prepare a good home for an all-too-often unwanted child. And the GOP will be equally thrilled to vote against every bill designed to provide food, housing, education, and healthcare for the same unwanted child once it is delivered.

“Well done,” Bristol; you’ve managed to lie about the future to about 20% or more of your generation. And, “Well Done!” Sarah Palin, You’re responsible for thousands of new teen-aged dropout mothers because you made it look glamorous while, yet again, ignoring the truth.

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