Friday, April 6, 2012

6 April 2012 Light a Candle, curse the glare!

          Last April saw the largest outbreak of tornadoes within a single day in U.S. History.  Following an extremely warm winter, it looks as if this April could follow in the  tracks of last year’s April. 
          Tuesday evening we had a squall line track through the region, taking down cable and internet for 5 hours and electricity for about 20 minutes.  Wednesday night we had another squall line blow through but services remained intact.  Loki has come to associate the alarm on the NWS weather radio with bad weather.  She now starts pacing and looking for a small den as soon as she hears it alert. 
          Yesterday we took Gloria’s Hyundai in for servicing – normal maintenance.  When we picked it up we could see the squall line building and moving in.  By the time we covered the 15 miles of back roads from garage to home it had begun to rain. 
          A squall line had formed and was being bowed out by the line winds driving the storms.          At 1650, we had a series of blackouts, recoveries, brownouts, and the power was gone.  We were in the dark until 0910.
          Dinner switched from the planned steak and ears of corn to whatever could be pulled together in the dark without leaving the refrigerator open too long.  
          The power outage was caused by apparent line-wind damage Southeast of Limestone.  This is all too similar to the same type of event that happened on 9 April last year.  The weather pattern can change away from tornadic storms now. 
          Pesach begins tonight at sundown. 
Chag Sameach!, Shabbat Shalom!

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