Tuesday, April 3, 2012

3 April 2012 Confidence inspiring?

          The Veterans Administration has produced an individualize handbook for very good thing and I looked forward to receiving mine.  The benefits booklets I currently have provide the information I want if I wade through them long enough.  This handbook should eliminate those periodic searches. 
          Mine arrived yesterday.   I sat down with it and eagerly looked through it.  Surprise on page 25.  The booklet, essentially a merge and print project, lists my health care facility – my source for primary care and other services- is listed as Bay Pines VAMC in Bay Pines FL.  All the contact phone numbers are Florida 727 area code numbers.   The handbook is essentially a collection of errors. 
          I immediately began to wonder if my current appointments scheduled for April and May were at risk of being cancelled and if my primary care had somehow been shifted back to Florida.  While my first few years in the VA system were provided by Bay Pines and a satellite clinic of Bay Pines, when we moved in October 2006 I had my primary care shifted to Mountain Home VAMC.  While I was pleased with the care I received at Bay Pines, I have no desire to travel to Florida for all my routine appointments, labs, and other care when I live 28 miles from Mountain Home. 
          A half-hour phone call has supposedly moved my enrollment from Bay Pines to Mountain Home.  Another phone call to my primary care team indicated that my appointments for April and May are still valid and active.
          Some searching, on-line, this morning suggests that I am not at all unique in discovering this problem.  
Shows me the following: 
          “Wrong facility information - what is given is somehow the veteran’s favored facility, not necessarily where care is provided.  “
          I find this somewhat disconcerting in that I chose both Bay Pines and Mountain Home due to their proximity to my home.  While the people at Bay Pines provided what I felt to be high quality care, so do the people at Mountain Home.  My preferred facility is Mountain Home and I sincerely hope nothing further untoward occurs to cause me to reconsider. 
          As of today, I still have confidence in the VA system.  Film at 2300!

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