Friday, April 20, 2012

20 April 2012 No longer able to be an Olympian!

          The last month has been somewhat pain-filled.  I’ve been waiting for the Outpatient Surgery service to inject my shoulders with cortisol and lidocaine.  Both shoulders are torn and both display arthritic degradation. This causes them to hurt all the time while motion increases the pain beyond the static levels.  I’m not a surgical candidate.  It has been 4.5 months since my last injections.  Because of the pain, sleep has become degraded and less satisfactory.
          I drove in this morning and let them shove long, sharp, needles into my shoulders.  I let them pump oily, viscid medications into my shoulder joints.  For about 30 minutes this morning, my shoulders did not protest every motion.   I hope the analgesic effect hooks in tonight. 
          In other matters, Gloria was invited to display her metal/stone creations at a juried art show, taking place today at Tusculum College, in Tusculum TN.  I drove over this afternoon to show the flag.  I had a chance to compare her work to that of other artists.  I’m impressed by the quality of her work.  She’s becoming rather adept at some of her jewelry production.  I hope she makes a sale or two for her time and trouble.  But being accepted for the show speaks well for her talent and imagination. 
          Shabbat Shalom

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