Monday, April 23, 2012

23 April 2012 Cold, Wind, and Snow

          In short, that is the weather report for today and the forecast for tomorrow.
          During the morning’s Hike with Mike the higher peaks and ridge crests were cloud covered.  The wind was at about 5 MPH gusting to 10 MPH.  Small pop-up pockets or mist and rain would coast in over the valley walls and drop their water content on us.  It wasn’t that bad going down valley.  Walking back up, we were facing into the wind.  Sunglasses helped block wind and water. 
          At 1130, we called to see if the LT Farms store had strawberries for sale today.  We were told that they had some at the store.  I drove down and discovered that they had only 2 gallons available.  I left them with one gallon.   They won’t be picking for a while now.  It must warm up, so that the berries ripen. 
          I made one other stop for cheese, sourdough rye bread, and honey.  As I saw the peaks and ridges, they were snow covered down to about 3000 feet.  It’s is always beautiful to see the peaks like that. 
          The highways are a bit treacherous now.  The winds are funneling down the valleys and blowing out across the roads.  Winds feel steady at about 10-15 MPH and gusts of 30 MPH are frequent.  Gloria is in Greeneville for a follow-up Dr. appointment and will be driving back, most likely, in even stronger crosswinds. 
          The NWS predicts a low of 31°F tonight.  Snow showers and frost are likely.  This is quite different from last year’s end of April weather.  It was hot, sticky, and finally produced a record tornado outbreak that caused tremendous damage locally, and which cost one life locally.  Nationwide the loss of life and property were beyond previous scope.  People hear are still spooked by thunderstorms, as they well should be. 


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