Wednesday, January 19, 2011

19 January 2011 A little dab’l’ do you

The forecast snow failed to materialize. This morning was foggy, with drizzle, making it a sloppy drive into campus.

Surprisingly, there was a disabled parking slot available along the looped drive that passes in front of Hutchinson Hall. My first class of the day is in that building.

I’m looking forward to the volcano course. They are immensely powerful and creative instruments of planetary construction. I’m unsure how much mathematics I’ll need to work with in this class. I own a good HP graphing calculator, which I have never really mastered. Currently it needs “N” batteries that I will purchase next week.

Yesterday afternoon I hauled out my two Pickett slide rules and ran through a quick refresh in their usage. I cleaned them and lubed them with a Teflon gun preservative that has them operating better than ever before. Wonderful lubricant. Like Brylcreme, “a little dab’l’ do you!” Cue Fearless Fosdick to enter.

The parking lot shift went smoothly. Then I spent 30 minutes waiting in line for the student IT desk to remove whatever it was that prevented my notebook and the university network shaking hands. I’ve missed Gloria’s calls twice today because I was talking with IT or with a professor.

Introduced myself to Dr, Burgess today. He seemed glad to have me in the class and I suspect he will provide more information than I can really process fully. I don’t have to write the research paper. That’s good. Most of the topics which generate high interest for me have been thoroughly and repeatedly explored. I doubt that I have any real potential to make a new discovery or to overturn Roman history.

I’m planning on pork-fried-rice and pot stickers for dinner tonight.

Barring major upset in the fabric of time-space I think that is sufficient for today.

My days begin and end beside Gloria. I am truly fortunate.

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