Monday, January 10, 2011

10 January 2011 Meanwhile, back at the ranch

Woke up this morning to find another 3.5 inches of snow had fallen since midnight. By 0900, the daily total was 4.0 inches, making the month’s total 10.5 inches. There are knee-deep drifts on the property and piles created in deck clearing that now approach three feet in height. The road was plowed this morning but still is covered with packed snow and ice.

The hike to the mailbox was essentially post-holing in uncompressed snow. Maintenance today included deck clearing and checking the well filters housing. I added 80 pounds of salt pellets to the softener. Lugging those while post-holing through unbroken snow was enjoyable.

Loki is enjoying the snow, running, leaping, pouncing, and sniffing, more like a puppy than a middle-aged dog.

Congress seems to have taken the Giffords shootings as an excuse to avoid working. As horrifying as it is, the nation’s government is still expected to carry out its normal functions. I imagine that the members of Congress are somewhat frightened for their own skins. I wish none of them harm. However, the fear they are feeling may be a good thing.

They are complicit in the matter. Members of Congress, professional politicians, lobbyists, political reporters, campaign management agencies, and the entire ball of snakes that lust after power and the wealth it brings are at fault for the danger that elected officials now face. They’ve established a 24/7 system of attack ads and a propaganda mill that avoids truth as a matter of course. The elected have allowed their minions to demonize all opponents. They present each political campaign as national life or death while diligently avoiding any chance to improve the lives of citizens who don’t own personal banking houses or brokerages. When someone is elected who tries implementing such changes they are attacked and “targeted” by their colleagues and by the growing network of demagogues who oppose anything not approved by the theocrats and corporate owners who largely control Congress.

Should they be afraid? Yes. They should be afraid that they will wind up being targeted by the campaign and demagoguery machines they have built.

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