Sunday, November 28, 2010

28 November 2010 Hard and heavy frost

This morning, the first heavy, hard frost of our season covered the ground, decks, and cars. I suppose this means that hay-fever season is ending. Since we’ve already received our influenza immunizations we may get to skip a scheduled reason for runny noses and stopped up sinuses. One can hope. Nevertheless, with the passing of one reason for allergic rhinitis comes a reason for those reasons related to wood-burning stoves, uneven heating, and low humidity indoors. There is no perfect season.

Still, if forced to choose only one season to live in, climate-wise, I’d pick autumn every time. The pollen counts are diminished, the biting and otherwise annoying insects are gone, and there’s enough temperature variation to make it possible to work outdoors part of the time and to sleep comfortably indoors.

Today is a beautiful, bright day, one to enjoy, one to remember. Nothing much requires being said today.

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