Sunday, April 4, 2010

4 April 2010 All quiet on the Western Front

4 April 2010 All quiet on the Western Front

We returned from last night’s dance expecting to see some sort of party on the field/dirt track across the road. We were pleasantly surprised to find it empty of revelry and revelers.

We planned on having dinner last night at Cranberry Thistle in Jonesborough. It is slightly larger and somewhat less expensive than The Dining Room, where we have been making reservations for dinner on dance Saturdays. We rode into town listening to Leonard Cohen and parked across the street from our target restaurant.

We walked in, expecting no problems and discovered that every table not already occupied was reserved. The restaurant features live music on weekends and apparently reservations are essential. Our dinner plans were salvaged and altered somewhat when another couple invited us to join them. Their plans were altered when the companion couple they had planned on dining with canceled.

We accepted, gratefully, and shared a nice, if somewhat hurried dinner. The Wards are approximately our age and retired. They like the band that was playing last night enough to see them whenever they play locally. Random acts of kindness happen when least expected.

After returning home, last night was, thankfully, uneventful. Gloria is finishing a class project and I’m trying to catch up on reading for my classes.

Dinner tonight will be pan-grilled steak and spinach salad with sautéed mushrooms.

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  1. Random acts of kindness both at dinner and back home with the absence of the party crew. Why would anyone think it would be fine to purchase a piece of property for the young crowd to let loose when there are neighbors in close proximity? This is like suddenly adding 100 head of dairy cows just upstream and not worrying about the impact of those downstream.

    Good luck with this Stev.