Friday, April 2, 2010

2 April 2010 The wheels go round and round. Or: No one here needs a map

2 April 2010 The wheels go round and round. Or: No one here needs a map

Today is a beautiful sunny day with temperatures at record highs. Forecast to reach 83°F, our outdoor thermometer reports 88.3°F at 1333.

Mike our downstream neighbor, is back from a business trip and hikes have resumed in the mornings. Since today is a university holiday I had no classes this morning. Mike is building a shooting bench to use on a 100 yard range he wants to clear. I’ll have enough to do just keeping the knotweed beaten back on our 25 meter range.

The less than good neighbor across the road sold two parcels of his field that faces our home. Wednesday we met the new neighbor who bought the smaller parcel. Daryl Simon is originally from Michigan, seems to be a nice person looking for a place to live quietly. He’s already started laying out the forms for a garage and is hoping to build an earth-sheltered home on the western valley wall. Both Gloria and I think he will be a good neighbor. Other than to warn him that the less than good neighbor’s dogs will carry things off, we’ve refrained from mentioning anything else about him to Daryl. I suspect he’s already made some valid first impressions. I’ve told him I will answer questions truthfully. He has the luxury of asking.

I think we were lucky that he bought the land. It will be interesting getting to know him.

The other parcel of land, up valley/south of Darryl’s, seems to have been bought by the Rogers family. If what we have been told is correct, the family previously owned it.

A week ago Saturday night we heard the noise of a truck or car being revved repeatedly and driven a full throttle. Looking outside, we could see the lights of one vehicle going around in circles. Our major concern at that time was that we hoped the driver didn’t miscalculate and drive down the hillside onto our property. That would have likely damaged our trees and their vehicle. Since they most likely weren’t wearing seat belts, occupant injury would be likely as well. After about half an hour they left. It seemed to be one of those situations where the first law is “mind your own business.” We didn’t know that the property had been sold and, quite honestly, thought that the not so good neighbor or his spawn had angered someone again and that this was some sort of revenge.

The next day, two vehicles started driving in circles on the same property. A blue mini-pickup and a blue trans-am typed vehicle spent nearly an hour running in circles. We simply observed. Wednesday, Daryl told us the other parcel had been sold. So it appears that the Rogers boys have a new playground. At 1300 today they were once again driving in circles on ground that would be productive cropland if used appropriately. I don’t think it will be farmed this year. But it most likely will be damaged by repeated visits from the new owners as they pretend they are dirt track or NASCAR drivers.

It will only be a matter of time before they break an axle of tear the oil pan off one or more vehicles. The vehicles they have been using are not off-road vehicles but could easily be flipped if turned to sharply at too great a speed. Not my problem, of course, but the noise could become annoying and have to be dealt with.

I have no idea why anyone would think driving in a continual counter-clockwise circle, repeatedly revving a motor is fun. Fortunately, I don’t have to learn. It is a good thing that Daryl bought the parcel nearer to us. He’s most likely to be a much more considerate and quiet neighbor.

Shabbat Shalom!

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