Saturday, August 9, 2014

9 August 2014  Where talk is cheap and vision true
          19 years ago Jerry Garcia died of CHF complicated by sleep apnea, diabetes, and decades of substance abuse.  He was honored, eulogized, memorialized, and ushered into the pantheon of R&R demigods in suitable fashion.  There was the public and usual fight among  the heirs and descendents.  His wife at the time of his death was grasping for control of his property and wealth.  The post mortem fight grew so ugly that his body was cremated, and ashes scattered without notice to his previous wife.  Another aliquot of ashes was dumped into the Ganges for reasons no one really knows. 
          There will be lots of tribute band memorials tonight.  While I’ve heard a lot of tribute/cover bands since Garcia died, I’ve never discovered a replacement for the music Garcia gave us.  I know a singer-songwriter or two who take me to many of the same places.  I encourage them whenever I can.
          This has been a week for medical appointments.  I’ve seen my primary care physician.  She ordered routine lab studies – all normal -, and ECG – the usual variant artifact that I’ve had since my 20’s showed up – a chest X-ray – haven’t had one since 2002- and sleep studies.  I generally have no problem getting to sleep but I wake Gloria up during the night and wake up feeling tired.  This may be due to PTSD, Parkinson’s, or something entirely different. 
          Yesterday I left for VA/Mountain Home at 0700.  I hoped to have the X-ray performed before my 0900 and 1040 ophthalmology appointments.  Radiology can be horribly backed up when the service is PRN.  Surprisingly, I was at the radiology desk at 0800 and the images were completed by 0815.  So off to the eye clinic for visual fields, retinal photos,  and then the wait for the  actual eye exam. 
          Following the eye clinic, I wandered down to the audiology department to ask for a new consult and new hearing aids.  The audiology dept is now operating on a walk-in and wait basis for evaluations.  I seem to have no further hearing loss compared to three years ago.  They ordered new hearing aids.  September should see them here for fitting and programming. 
          I renewed my offer to participate in audiology research.  Doing so won’t reverse my hearing loss but it might help some one else. 

          Picked up Chinese food in Johnson City and home for an enjoyable dinner.  

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