Wednesday, August 13, 2014

13 August 2014 They’re rollin’ out the guns again

          Iraq has been a nest of vipers since it was created at the supposed end of WWI.  The continual tribal and religious conflicts that keep it internally in turmoil are now made more complex by the invasion of even more fundamentalists striking out of Syria and bringing widespread murder with them. 
          The Iraqi national army, which was supposedly trained to fight and defend the patchwork nation of Iraq, at a cost of billions to U.S. taxpayers dropped their weapons and bolted at the first sign of contact by the invading ISIS.  This allowed the invaders to further arm their forces by capturing weapons and other hardware left for the Iraqis by the U.S. when it officially departed Iraq. 
          Now, with the Iraqi army a joke, unable to defend it’s own nation, there are an unknown number of U.S. military advisors and diplomats still in Iraq.  These people must be protected and that task requires a real military, not our untrustworthy pseudo allies who spend their training time chanting Shia slogans aimed at the Sunni who comprise ISIS. 
          Currently we are blowing holes in the ISIS convoys and positions to prevent them reaching U.S. personnel.  To make matters even more difficult, the ISIS sunni have been killing any non-Muslims they capture by invading the towns and small cities on their route to Bagdad.  They are trotting out the convert of die modus operandi.  They are offering this choice minorities who still live in Iraq.  Thousands of Yazidi have fled en-masse to a mountain near the Syrian border.  They arrived there with no food, water, medicines, or suitable clothing.  The ISIS promptly surrounded the mountain with intent to kill them all.  The initial plan to massacre was partially prevented by units of Iraqi and Syrian KURDS.  To prevent mass deaths among these refugees, the U.S. has been targeting ISIS, dropping ordnance on their lines using drones and Navy aviation.  With some decrease in the AA capacity of ISIS, we have followed on with air drops of necessities.  Kurdish units have escorted or convoyed some thousands of Yazidi to Syria; then to Kurdish Iraq.  The current estimate waiting to be rescued is around 40,000.  This is an extremely large number of people to evacuate to safety.  The burden is going to fall upon our military. 
          The current plan is for the U.S. to deploy more advisors to determine how many actual refugees there are and how best to extract them.  What ever method is chosen, it or it in combination with plan B will require our troops to return to combat roles in Iraq.  The total deaths attributed to Bush/Cheney is still growing. 
          There is no hope for any real unification of Iraq.  The Sunni invaders are behaving much like the Germans who invaded Ukraine and Russia.  Even more disturbing, the minorities report that their own neighbors are helping to round up and execute the minorities.  This is horribly reminiscent of the Holocaust. 
          Meanwhile, back at the kibbutz, the Israeli/Hammas cease fire is once more not holding.  Rockets were fired into Israel today from Gaza. 
          ISIS has been an effective and mostly cohesive force in Syria and Iraq.  Hammas has a large store of mostly inaccurate ballistic rockets.  But both of these groups must eventually realize that they are outnumbered and massively outgunned.
          “ You can hide in the caves, they’ll be only your graves, but you can’t get away from the guns!”

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