Thursday, June 19, 2014

19 June 2014 Sowing more seeds of destruction

The Bush-Cheney admin are not content with the devastation that they visited upon Iraq.  Nor or they content with the economic damage they wrought upon the American citizens.  For Dick Cheney to accuse Obama of incompetence is a joke.  While I am less than thrilled with the Obama Admin, it’s failure to meet some of the promises made in the last two General elections is primarily due to the blatant obstructionism generated by the racism inherent in the red states and the intent by the GOP/teavangelists to roll the social, cultural, and political conditions backward to the 19th century.

This morning, as I stepped out to retrieve the newspaper and to deliver the trash can to it’s pickup point, it rapidly became apparent that we had been visited overnight by at least one bear.  The trash can was tipped over, trash bags dragged out and sampled or ignored.  One bag of trash was carried about 75 feet along the creek bed and scattered around the yard. Another was dragged down the firing lane and some of this was then carried or thrown into the creek.  This portion wound up in a narrow section of the creek surrounded by high growth of knotweed.  It was rather an uneasy time walking into the overhead cover, knowing that the first sign of a bear disputing custody of the trash would be an up close visual.  Sort of like walking into a likely ambush site.  

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