Saturday, June 14, 2014

14 June 2014 They broke it, not our job any longer

A friend of mine posted in a thread concerning Medical Lab workers and OCD -
We lab techs, I think, have certain OCD traits. It helps us do our jobs. I label canned goods with the dates that I get them, to make sure I rotate stock. I also date other things, mostly to see how long it takes me to use them - at least that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it
My reply was-
Perhaps the ultimate OCD example remains the Dead Head tapers and traders who have systematically collected every possible scrap of live performance related to The Grateful Dead and its offshoots. Despite the Band's breakup following Garcia's 1995 death, these collectors have continued to pursue recordings. They've moved from analog tape to digital tape to CD's and now through various forms of music storage as these have become a higher standard of storage and playback. There are 30 years of live material available, all reviewed and cataloged with venue information, guest musicians, hardware notes, track lengths, etc. . Data bases, annotated lyric websites, tape compendiums and other minutiae abound. This is the home planet for OCD I visit there frequently but since I possess only ca 1100 hours of this library/catalog, I'm not truly hard core OCD.
          There are many destinations in the OCD world, I’ve visited a few of them from time to time.  We tie flies to catch fish or for display.  We build scale model aircraft and ships.  We play chess, we write and play music ,    But these remain, for the most part, pass times rather than true disorders. 
          The 24 hour news cycle can become a source for obsession.  The ready availability of news about wars, natural disasters, and political idiocy can snare someone quite easily. 
          The last several days have doubtless trapped millions of viewers who are following the ISIS terrorists through Iraq.  Not surprisingly, the Iraqi army is crumbling and fleeing in a manner highly reminiscent of the last month of the VietNam war.  Officers flee rather than fight and the enlisted troops toss their weapons, uniforms, and run. 
          Not surprisingly, the Iraqi government is asking the U.S. government for military aid.  After we spent billions of dollars training their army, there is no cohesive military unit worthy of the name in Iraq.  In the presence of organized military opposition, Iraq demonstrates that its soldiers are of little use unless fighting against civilians who have no training and no weapons. 
          We need to  make it clear to Iraq that they will have to face this war on their own, without our help.   That should very well lead to the current government emulating that off the Republic of Vietnam in 1975


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