Friday, October 8, 2010

8 October 2010 A box of rain will ease the pain

Look out of any window – Windows 7 home premium will do to begin. The parade of windows that opened and closed before my face before noon would be enough to tell a sensible person to stop and walk away.

I’ve never been successfully pointed out as sensible. Overly sensitive, insensitive, and lacking common &/or good sense, perhaps. I’d admit to being all four at various times and places. Today’s major task is to bring up a new laptop before its predecessor spins its hard drive and forgets which random numbers are randomly entered into the wrong string of 1s and 0s so that the whole device can quiver and display gibberish while blocking access to its little electronic brain.

I’m sitting here surrounded by cables, hubs, external drives, compressed air, batteries that are cleverly engineered to tolerances and shapes that prevent them being interchangeable between the many computers designed and sold by the major manufactures. I was hoping my large capacity 9 cell battery would fit the new unit. It plugs in quite nicely but its shape prevents the monitor/screen from opening beyond 60°. Rather than break the screen off I stopped that attempt.

The most annoying event today is a virus of some nature that keeps demanding to access my computer for Skype purposes. I’ve denied access some 50 times in the last hour or so. Time to find a block for it. Spyware Blaster and Spybot are waiting in the wings. I may have gotten rid of the offender. Here’s hoping. The replacement is coming along nicely and I like the feel of the keyboard. The dual core processor is noticeably faster than the older Centrino. In all honesty, I doubt that most of us can really distinguish the time difference that accurately.

Time to rest my back and shoulders.

And love will see you through!

Shabbat Shalom.

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