Thursday, October 28, 2010

28 October 2010 Tree today lawn tomorrow

The Bradford pear tree that has provided shade, bird habitat, and launching pads for squirrels willing to leap from its branches to our platform bird feeder was split by the high winds we had Monday. Tuesday, under the strain of lower velocity but longer duration winds the split widened and about 1/4th of the tree fell onto the house.

26 October 2010

We called our homeowner’s insurance agent and he recommended a tree service to remove the tree. We called him immediately. He was to remove it yesterday. After a day full of excuses, delays, and just plain being ignored we realized that he wasn’t going to be of any benefit and that we probably didn’t want him handling tools on our property. We let our insurance agent know what had happened. We only lost a day and a half waiting on someone who was not going to show up ready to work.

We contacted another service, contracted with them, and they showed up pretty much on time today. They went right to work. Tonight, the tree is down, chipped up for fill in the lower parts of our property, firewood sized remnants stacked to age and use.

28 October 2010

28 October 2010 It is now possible to sit on the deck or on the ground by the deck and shoot down firing lane with a rifle. Previously, it was only a pistol range.

The only damage to the house appears to be some bent guttering. How very lucky we were!

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  1. Sorry to see you lose the tree but happy to hear there was no damage to your house.