Sunday, July 6, 2014

6 July 2014 Dogs in a pile

          We’ve survived another 4th of July.  There seemed to be less gunfire this year than the past few.  There were, however, lots of fireworks that were somewhat amplified by the echoes from the valley walls. 
          Loki spent much of the evening of the 4th alternately pacing anxiously and crawling into or under makeshift bunkers.  I spent much of the evening trying to calm Loki, and reminding myself that “those weren’t really mortars I was hearing; at least not real, weapons-grade mortars. 
          I guess I didn’t remind myself as well as I should have.  Gloria woke me up from some sort of replay or rerun that had me yelling and moving.  Last night, while there were replays of fireworks in the valley, I didn’t have a repeat encounter. 

          Steaks to grill tonight.  

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