Saturday, July 26, 2014

26 July 2014 The power of a mouse.

          Last summer the Pathfinder ingested one or more mice as they invaded its climate control fan and air pathways.  After a brief period of hot weather, the aroma of chopped mouse became a major problem.  Our mechanic replaced the mouse-coated parts then used some sort of odor adsorbent to diminish the smell of the tiny offending rodent.  The smell lingered in some other inner spaces of the vehicle. 
          The return of hot weather has offered proof that not all mouse molecules were scrubbed from the truck.  Gloria has a keen sense of smell and has found it to be more and more difficult to travel in the Pathfinder. 
          Add to the mouse damage, the continuing lack of ability to control the environmental  unit.  The failure of several push buttons which split and dove for the carpet left us traveling in a vehicle with limited AC, limited climate control functions other than heat.  Several year long searches have failed to find a replacement module and the buttons can not be repaired or replaced.  They are no longer available. 

          Yesterday we replaced the 2001 Pathfinder with a 2013 Exterra.  We had hoped to keep the Pathfinder longer.  Amazing the impact a single mouse can have.  

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